Everyone will go at their own pace when it comes to coming out. When you decide you want to come out and let people around you know about your sexuality, it will feel somewhat daunting. Here are a few tips on coming out.

Be ready!

You must do this in your own time, ask yourself if you are ready? If there is any doubt there, remember there is no rush and it is ok not to come out, if you are not ready! Do not let anyone push you into this, do this in your own time in your own way! Make sure that you have considered all the factor and have some support around you, be it from a supportive environment online, or perhaps some closer to you that suspect already know, or even another member of the community.

Finding Support

Sometimes, telling the first person is the biggest, albeit scariest step! If you have a close friend, colleague or family member you can confide in, try talking to them first, having them on by your side will make things much easier for you. However, the support doesn’t have to come face to face, there are lots of resources online for guidance and support. There are blogs, video and support groups on social media within the community. People in these groups are either going through the same thing or have already been there and can offer a lot of support and tips when it comes to coming out.

Write it down!

If you feel that you express yourself by putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, write it all down! You can write a letter or email to those you want to come out to. Perhaps you could write a letter to yourself and write down your hopes and fears about coming out. Even if you just write it all down for your own benefit to reflect on and help you decide how and when you want to come out.

Do it your way!

Do what feels right, for you, this moment belongs to you and should not be dictated by anyone else. How big or small, is up to you, you may want to tell your closest loved ones first. Or you may want to go right ahead and announce it to everyone over social media! Your party, your rules!

It is new for those around you too

While you have had time to conclude about your sexuality and what it means to you. For those you are coming out to, it is all new information. You will need to be able to respect this and show them the same understanding as you are looking for from them. They will likely have lots of questions and will need a little time to adjust.

If it doesn’t go to plan

There is no perfect way to come out exactly as planned. Have a plan for yourself in place if things do not go well. Hopefully, it will not come this, and everything will go well. But you need to make sure you have prepared for the worst-case scenario and have some emotional support in place.

It is not going to easy, and you may not get the reaction that you are hoping for. But this will be the most liberating thing you do, by embracing your own identity and loving yourself! And good luck!