Straight men have sex with gay men, does this mean you are gay?

For some of us it can be so confusing when we hook up with a guy for the first time, we have sex, and then our whole identity comes into questions. However, being sexually explorative in some cases does not always mean you are gay!


Wanting to experiment and try new things is a perfectly normal and healthy feeling. You can be curious and still identify as straight. Whether it is a case of wanting to know what all the fuss is about, being confused about your sexuality, or wanting to try something new, if you don’t try, you will never know! You maybe love it and go back for more, or with may confirm to you that you are not into it and the curiosity goes away.

Anal sex fetish

Indulging in a same-sex encounter is sometimes considered taboo, or deviant for many people in the world. Because of this, having same-sex relationships can almost seem like a fetish to ‘straight’ men who like doing deviant things sexually in bed. It is an extreme fetish, but one that some women are not going to be willing to indulge in. So, if there are gay guys out there that are willing to bottom for you, then why not? It does not make you gay, more allows you to indulge in a fetish that BOTH parties can find pleasurable. Or on the flip side, if you enjoy receiving anal penetration and are not particularly comfortable asking a woman, why not try another man?

It feels good!

Having sex with a man feels damn good! Having a cock and know what feels good is certainly going to have its advantages when it comes to foreplay especially. Gay men know what does and doesn’t feel good and how to orally service another guy like an absolute pro! So why not make the most of it?

Less baggage!

As mentioned already, some women aren’t into anal of any kind, some don’t even like to give oral! Most women aren’t as readily available for sex as men, straight or gay, then often need emotional engagement or some form of commitment. If you are not willing to put in the extra effort and need some release and turn to another man for this, you can still be straight, and just getting the release you need without the added drama a lot of women can bring!

YOU are the fetish!

For a lot of gay men, the straight man is a huge turn on, and bedding straight man is a popular fetish amongst gay men. Gay men are always readily full of compliments for straight men. Having your ego stroked is never a bad thing, is it? If the feeling of being desired and want results in a blow job, then win-win for everyone!

Whatever your reasons may be, guys need/want to experiment, and this is nothing to be ashamed of! Sexuality is fluid, for some more than others. Women are often seen to be kissing other girls, or experimenting with other women, but do we automatically label them as gay!? In short no, so why should this be any different for men experimenting with other men? Do what feels good and worry less about the label and more about the experience!